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About Pro Active Mechanical

Pro Active Mechanical, Inc. strives to communicate energy efficiency and green technology in every aspect of our Heating Ventilating Air Conditioning (HVAC) business. We believe in building and maintaining strong, solid business relationships with all of our clients as our constant goal leads us in that direction. We differentiate ourselves from all competitors by providing exceptional service from each member of our team and continually seeking ways to not only meet all expectations but to exceed them around every turn. We have solidified long term relationships with all our vendors and technical teams in an effort to satisfy each equipment owner and to ensure that all lines of communication are always flowing freely between professional members within our marketplace so that You, the customer, can benefit in a wide range of scenarios. Pro Active Mechanical, Inc. knows that before anyone can provide an ounce of insight into any mechanical challenge or potential concern, we must first and foremost listen intently to each situation presented as each one may be unique in the slightest of details. It is not all about selling or maintaining our customers’ equipment, but constantly looking at better and more energy efficient solutions. That is our ultimate job - to listen, provide education, offer excellent service and to stand behind everything we do for our hard working and intelligent customers.

Our Team

Pete T. Szmurlo, President

Phone: (630) 660-9937



"Education is a myriad of opportunities...Ultimately the end result is directly proportional to the effort exerted. Furthermore, knowledge is power and having access to knowledge is something no one can take away from us. Lastly, we must seek opportunities that enable us to share the learned knowledge in an effort to stand out as role models to those that need guidance and inspiration as we fill our spots in this complex game called life." Pete T. Szmurlo 


I recently learned something from a man named Mark Matteson. He said, "You'll be the same person in five years, however, books and people will change you." He's right. Not only do we become a product of our environment but books and people can and will change you. It is up to you to decide what books and which people will fill your time in a way that will make your parents proud!

Stacy Lorenz, Office Manager



Stacy is our ring leader! Whatever we need, she can make it happen. She is very detail oriented, 

never late, cool calm and collected. The hours never get in the way of her work as she makes all

of our jobs easier. Outside of work, she loves animals and spending time with her family and friends.

Eric Piazzi, HVACR Service & Installation Technician



Eric's hard work and dedicated long hours bring tremendous value to our organization. Not only does Eric have a fast pace, he is not afraid to sit in a classroom and learn new technology in effort to broaden his already extensive knowledge base. Eric is also a very caring family man that loves NASCAR and building small electronic gizmos. Be sure to ask about his latest projects!

Timothy Dalton, HVACR Service & Installation Technician



Tim has over twenty years experience in the HVAC industry and many of those years have been dedicated to installations. His ductwork fabrication skills are superior along with his sense of humor. Don't let his steady, calm voice trick you as he is bound to make you laugh sooner than later. His family can count on his serious side as well as his laughter. 

Lawrence Kieta, HVACR Service & Installation Technician



Lawrence brings wisdom to our team. His past experiences as an auto mechanic and a business owner allow him to see things from a wide perspective. He is continually investing in his education, tools and physical well being. He is detail oriented and seldom says no. We are still looking for his twin brothers to come join us! 

Scott Wilhelmi, HVACR Service & Installation Technician



Scott is a soft spoken man that exceeds 6'-5" in height- he doesn't need ladders or a loud voice to make his presence known. He loves boating, snowmobiling and family moments. His passion for the heating and cooling industry is equal to his love for his family and his daughter. You may see him out on the water somwhere when not working.

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